7104 Nancy Greene Dr.

7104 Nancy Greene Drive, Whistler

7104 is a high-performance apartment building centrally located at the Highway 99 entrance to White Gold. The building is walking distance to all major amenities in town and designed for comfortable, healthy living in Whistler. The building is all rental units with 12 different unit types to accommodate many of the different households in Whistler. All the units will be rented to people who qualify for WHA rental units. 

  • Project Goal: create rental housing to address Whistler’s housing shortage, based on the recommendations of the Mayor’s Task Force
  • We are the only project that proposes to create 100% rental housing
  • 38 Resident restricted rental apartments
  • Rent will be based on WHA Category 4 & 5 rates 
  • 12 different unit types ranging from studio to 3 bedroom
  • Underground garages; no surface parking to minimize the visual impact
  • Lower height than surrounding buildings; Landscaping to screen the building

The reasons you want to live at 7104

7104 is a dedicated rental building where you will never be asked to leave because the home is being sold or renovated. The rents will be stable and follow the WHA guidelines.

Everything you need for day to day living is within easy walking distance.

Biking is very important in Whistler, there is a bike workshop and lots of secure bike storage, so you do not have to bring your bike into your living room.

The building location is one of the best to live a healthy sustainable lifestyle without a car. Transit stops are right around the corner and everything you need for day to day living is within easy walking distance

If you own a car, the choices are a private garage (also good to store 8 or more bikes) or an underground parking space.

The high-performance building practices of 7104 will keep your home comfortable in any weather

The fresh air system delivers 100% fresh air for all heating/cooling of the units and common hallways 24/7. Lots of fresh air is the most important factor to make a building a healthy place to live. “Covid has shown the importance that multi family residential buildings do not recycle air between units. 7104 supplies 100% fresh air to units, then recovers the heat energy from that air before venting it outside the building”

The triple weather sealed, triple pane windows keep the outside noise outside and they keep you warm and comfortable inside.

The community garden is for the people who want to grow their own food or flowers. The ground floor units all have private backyards for your own private garden.

The bike workshop doubles as a ski tuning room with a properly equipped tuning bench, this can be used for any workshop project.

7104 is built to the highest quality standards in that will only be in the BC Building Code in 2032 BC. All the building finishes are designed to look great for many years. Our goal is to provide the best quality apartments in Whistler.

View from community garden
View from Walkway off Nancy Greene Drive
Main floor typical private patio
BBQ and play area North side
Entry walkway and bike/workshop room
Walkway from Corner of Highway 99 and Nancy Greene drive
View of existing White Gold sign
View from Highway intersection
Repurposed Whistler Garage for all your toys
Bike tuning, Ski tuning, Workshop and Garden shed


C Unit Pictures

Typical Studio

We have 6 studios out of 38 units

2-bedroom F unit

7104 Re-zoning FAQ

We wish, but sadly the days of the Boot are over.

Rental pricing will be attached to the permission to build the building. This has been the case for previous projects in Whistler. We expect to be working with the WHA, and once our pricing is set for the first tenant, we are only legally allowed to increase it by the government mandated rate per year. This is a project that is aiming to provide a stable long-term rental option for Whistler employees in a location where not owning a car is feasible and even preferred.

Pending approvals, we would like to start construction in spring 2021 with an 18-month construction time. Renting for some time in late 2022 or early 2023.

This is not something we are considering currently. We will be renting to individual people who qualify for WHA rentals.

Parking will be assigned to each unit based on what the renter elects. Parking options are enclosed garages and underground parking. The number of parking stalls conforms to existing RMOW parking requirements and exceeds the parking provided in current WHA rental buildings.

Yes 7104 will be pet friendly and designed with pet durable finishes

There is a bus stop 30 seconds from the front door. If you are trying to reach the ski hill, there is a bus stop with a free bus to the lifts located a 5 min walk from the front door.

This project does require bed units just like every other employee restricted project. The guidelines we are meeting for private sector employee housing were introduced with the goal of getting 500 more bed units in Whistler for employee housing. Bed units for “Resident Restricted Employee Housing” are exempt from the town’s bed unit cap as per the Official Community Plan.

These will be rental only. The goal of 7104 is to provide a sustainable long-term solution for renters.

We are targeting to be the most energy efficient apartment building in BC. We have partnered with the BCIT Building Science Engineering department to design a truly energy efficient and sustainable building.

7104 will be the 7th building we have done to a high-performance level. Our goal is to far exceed the BC Building Code Step 5 level (the goal of the 2032 code) and the Passive House Standard.  We have developed our own systems that deliver great energy performance and most importantly a healthy comfortable building. We partnered with BCIT to develop simple construction methods to vastly improve building performance while not raising costs. This allows us to build with local materials, knowledge, and people. One of the best building features is our fresh air ventilation system. Unlike most buildings that use recirculating air for heating/cooling we use only fresh air. We exhaust stale air 24/7 from all bathrooms, kitchens and common spaces and blow fresh air into all the living spaces and common hallways 24/7. We add heating and cooling as seasonally required and do not mix any air from the units or common spaces. You get your own private fresh air delivered to your living rooms and bedrooms.

Neighborhood Impact FAQ

Questions about how this project will impact the neighboring buildings:

No, our building will have a roof height of 9m and the Fitszimmons Walk buildings beside us have an average roof height to the mid point of the roof (not the highest point of the roof) of 14m.

The existing trees we are planning to leave in place will screen almost the whole building from the rear of the Fitzsimmons Walk Buildings.

View from Nancy Greene Drive

The proposed setbacks are almost double the setbacks of Fitszimmons Walk which are 4.5m whereas 7104 setbacks are 7.6m from our mutual property lines 

The site has been used as a parking lot for 60 years. First for the Boot Pub then Nesters employee parking. There was a lot more traffic when the Boot Pub was operating and many of those drivers back then were not operating their cars to the best of their abilities when leaving the pub. The building is designed to cater to people without cars so the traffic will be about the same as today. Being at the entrance to the neighborhood none of the traffic will go through the neighborhood to access the building. We have done a traffic impact study for the project to design the driveway and access. The traffic volume identified in the study falls well short of any requirement from the Ministry of Transportation for any study or upgrades to the Highway 99 intersection.

View from the intersection of Highway 99 and Nancy Greene Drive

No, it will be far better quality. We will be building to the highest sustainable standard with good looking durable materials. Our goal is simply to be the best performing building in BC for energy conservation and sustainable building practices and low maintenance in a great-looking durable building.

View from walkway off intersection of Highway 99 and Nancy Greene drive

Yes, the building is about the same size and a lower overall height than the neighboring buildings. We are also retaining as many of the original mature trees as possible. We are also planting additional of new trees along the highway; an area that has been barren for 40+ years.

The building will be well screened from Highway 99. We plan to restore the tree buffer that was removed for the Boot Pub access road more than 60 years ago. This area has had no vegetation since then. The tree buffer and screening in time will look the same as the tree buffer just to the North that was never removed. See images below:

View from the North on Highway 99

View from Highway 99

The same principles that make the building energy efficient also make it soundproof. This works well for our residents to mitigate the sound from Highway 99 and prevents sound from escaping out of the units. Our building will also block a significant portion of the highway noise currently reaching the Fitzsimmons Walk buildings. We have designed our units to account for the noise generated from our neighbors who have nightly rental units. Planning our building to mitigate the noise generated by our neighbors and highway 99 will lead to better neighbor relations and happier long-term tenants.

7104 is within walking and biking distance of schools, Nesters (grocery store), the library, shops, public transportation, coffee shops, restaurants, jobs and Whistler’s Valley trail system. Everything you need to live without a car is available within a short walk.

7104 will not be available for short term seasonal employees. Our selection process for tenancy will either directly use the Whistler Housing Authority rental housing waitlist or use the same qualifying system. For more information on qualifying for a unit please visit the WHA website and look into getting on their resident housing list.

This project is currently in the rezoning phase. You can follow our progress on this rezoning through the R.M.O.W.’s municipal website Here.

If you would like to support our project please email corporate@whistler.ca, and address the email “To Mayor and Council”, reference rezoning application “RZ001146″ and include your local mailing address to verify your emails eligibility to be considered in the rezoning application.

We want to hear from you about our project! If you live nearby, have questions about the project, or even some suggestions you think might make our project better, please give us a shout through our website Contact us.

Terms & Abbreviations

WHAWhistler Housing Authority 

RMOWResort Municipality of Whistler

OCPOfficial Community Plan

Mayor’s Taskforce on HousingLink

Taskforce Recommendation for private development of Resident Housing ProjectsLink