"I am at Vancouver airport getting ready to board my flight.

I want to say from the BOTTOM of my heart before I leave:

THANK YOU for building me my DREAM HOME

THANK YOU for being the DREAM TEAM

THANK YOU for putting your heart in this job and it shows in every corner and wall and room

THANK YOU for being so patient with me

THANK YOU for never giving me a moment of stress

Looking forward to spending my summer in Whistler."


" I don't think I have ever met anyone with as much knowledge about house construction as Rod Nadeau. I have known him since the late 1980s and have watched he and his company build hundreds of dwellings throughout the Whistler Valley, but I had never built a house before and really didn't know where to start. Rod actually made my wife and I feel like we were the ones calling the shots when in reality we had a Guardian Angel steering us in the right direction who never once allowed us to make an incorrect choice. The result? A great house, very solid, energy efficient and sound proof and amazing follow-up by all the Innovation team to ensure we are happy with everything in the house. I truly don't feel we could have done better than we did and our thanks to Rod and his entire team for our beautiful home."

J. and D. S.

"In 1997 Rod Nadeau designed and managed the construction of our home in Whistler Cay Heights. We knew from the outset that we had retained the right contractor. Rod’s knowledge of the Whistler landscape enabled him to conceptualize a log home with perfect views of the surrounding mountains. His many ideas were easily translated to a local architect. Rod then undertook oversight of the construction and adhered strictly to a budget and building plan. In all cases the sub-trades employed were of the very highest quality. The final result was our dream home which we live in to this day. As our requirements have evolved over the years Rod continues to advise us on upgrades and renovations to our home. Congratulations to Rod on a job well done."

R.T.S., Whistler